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Ok, so I'm restoring my 90 gt, and the door locks where tripping! First, I had a stuck actuator in the drivers door, then once i cut that out and replaced it with an aftermarket, I wasn't getting enough voltage to drive it. Using a voltmeter, I would barely get 12 volts at about 100 milliamps coming out of the pink/orange & pink/black factory wires that drive the actuators. Now common thought at this point is there is a short somewhere in the system. Even introducing 12 volts from the battery directly into the black/white wire will yield the same results. You can at the point drive your door locks with extra wiring and relays in your doors, or you can repair your factory switches... Here's how...

1: Here are my factory switches with messed up trim plate corners :(

2: Here are the tools I used, first a small philips screwdriver, a pointy pick or two, and a brass wire brush, but sandpaper will work too, just more work for the same result.

3: Uscrew the switch packs from the trim plate by removing the 2 philips screws. The, gently pry up a switch (do one at a time, even though they only go in a certain way and you can't mix it up, just do one at a time!) from the back plate.

4: Looking at the switch, you'll see the electrical connection pins, as well as the unique plastic pin to keep the switch from going back in, incorrectly.

5: Now, *GENTLY* using your pick or two, pry off the cover from the switch. The plastic may be a bit brittle, but take your time and it will happen. Don't worry if you snap off a little bit of the plastic, surprisingly...

6: Now comes the fun... Gently pry the upper contact plate diagonally, exposing the contact plates. Notice in this pic how black they are from the carbon deposits of years and years of electrical arcing.

7: Using the brass wire brush, or sandpaper clean those round contact pads. Its hard to tell from his pic, but the end result is night and day! Originally they were almost midnight black, and now they almost look chromed.

8: When you get all of the contacts in the switch, make sure the upper center diamond area of the contact is bent down back behind the protruding tab. If you don't do this, you won't have the nice clicking sound when you use your switches.

9: Thats it... bend the tabs back, and put the cover back on, plug it back into the backing plate, blah blah blah...

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Good write up! I just did that to mine a few weeks ago.
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