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2020 Mustang GT PP1
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Hi everyone, I was a member about 8-10 years ago when I had my 99 Mustang GT. I think my username was DCStangGT but I cant remember for sure. Anyways I dumped a lot of money into that car and then decided to sell it around 2014. I've been without a Mustang since then and the time finally came for me to get a new one and I told myself I'll never mod a car that extensively again.

So now I've gotten myself a New 2020 Magnetic Metal GT PP1 Premium 10R80 with active exhaust and digital dash. I love manual transmissions but i decided to go auto this time for cruising comfort, so my wife could drive it comfortably and because I didn't like how the 6speeds shifter or clutch felt in comparison to my last Mustang. It's unreal how much different these cars feel now.

The car is currently stock but I'd like to get the Eibach Pro kit and maybe some 15mm spacers with replacement studs. I have mixed feelings on 20mm+ spacers after reading up on them. Tint and a clear bra have been scheduled and other than that ill change the exhaust to Corsa Extreme eventually. Power wise im just gonna try to enjoy the car the way it is for a while. It's not my daily so it should stay exciting for a while. It's got about 200 miles on it now so I'm working on getting it broken in so I can have some more fun. Glad to be back.
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