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Reverse rotation water pumps???

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I am doing the final touches on my 67' 351 swap. Here is my hopefully last set of questions.#1) If the 351 is a reverse rotation dizzy, is the crank rotation reversed also? #2) Will a water pump from a 298 that is passenger side outlet work correctly on a 351 block? If it is a reverse rotation I would guess not due to the impellers running backwards. #3) What is your thoughts? #4) Dose Ford or any one else make a passenger side output water pump for a 351; or am I going to have to get crazy with some radiator hoses? I just bought a 4 row aluminum radiator that has a passenger side lower inlet. And it cost a fortune! So I have to find a way to get everything working correctly, even if it means running a few extra hoses under the crank pulley. (P.S. I will have some pix posted soon also. I just need to get me phone and my computer talking to each other right. :yes) Thanks again everyone for all your help could not have done it without you. :D
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So dose the engine rotate the same direction as all the other small blocks then?
What is sticking out beside the oil filter in that picture?
Sweet! thanks, Again... you guys rock!
if your running v-belts then yes, But if plan on running a serpintine belt then you need a reverse rotoation water pump.
I believe that once you cross below the equator, the water will rotate in the opposite direction...


I'll shut up.
lol so that is what I was doing wrong. lol.
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