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I am doing the final touches on my 67' 351 swap. Here is my hopefully last set of questions.#1) If the 351 is a reverse rotation dizzy, is the crank rotation reversed also? #2) Will a water pump from a 298 that is passenger side outlet work correctly on a 351 block? If it is a reverse rotation I would guess not due to the impellers running backwards. #3) What is your thoughts? #4) Dose Ford or any one else make a passenger side output water pump for a 351; or am I going to have to get crazy with some radiator hoses? I just bought a 4 row aluminum radiator that has a passenger side lower inlet. And it cost a fortune! So I have to find a way to get everything working correctly, even if it means running a few extra hoses under the crank pulley. (P.S. I will have some pix posted soon also. I just need to get me phone and my computer talking to each other right. :yes) Thanks again everyone for all your help could not have done it without you. :D
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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