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Ok guys got another wax review for you. This time its all premium top shelf Carnauba paste waxes from some of the top names in detailing.

Here is the lineup (msrp):
Zymol Glasur Glaze (101)
Celeste Dettaglio v2 (172)
Zymol Carbon (50)
DodoJuice Blue Velvet Pro (80)
DodoJuice Purple Haze Pro (80)

Untitled by ModdedMach, on Flickr

Zymol Glasur Glaze
This wax is a Beige color, very soft in consistency, almost glistens in the pot and smells kinda sweet.

Celeste Dettaglio v2
This wax has a very good quality hard plastic pot that is very short and wide. Its slightly off white in color and it is firmer than the average paste wax but very smooth and oily to the touch. Smells like babypowder/perfume.

Zymol Carbon
Carbon is a nice blue color and very soft to the touch like Glasur Glaze. The Clear plastic container is VERY nice with an o-ring to lock in freshness. The container is hard to reseal tho because the threads are very short. The smell is kind of what youd expect from a blue wax, fruity berry light scent.

Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Pro (sample container)
This is Dodo's dark color "hard" wax. Its dark blue in color and has a very nice berry fruit smell to match the color. Its firm in the pot but melts when you touch it.

Dodo Juice Purple Haze Pro (sample container)
This is Dodo's dark color "soft" wax. Its dark purple in color and has a grapy/fruity smell to match the color. Its softer than Blue velvet but still on the firm side.

East of Application/Removal
All waxes were applied per instruction from the Manufacturer
The Dodo twins were applied by bare finger tips and everything else using a BnS foam applicator.
All waxes came out of the fridge @ 51 degrees into the garage that was 63 degrees.

Zymol Glasur- Very buttery smooth application. Easy Wipe on, wipe off.
Celeste Dettaglio v2- Firm at first but melts into the pad and onto the paint, this wax requires a curing time of 20 mins to haze. Removal isnt difficult as long as the coat is thin, but isnt as easy as some WoWo waxes. I think it would be easier to apply with bare hands because body heat would help the wax melt a little more.
Zymol Carbon- Same as Glasur, very buttery. Easy Wipe on, wipe off.
Dodo Juice BVP-Applied by bare hand, fairly smooth and goes on thin. Buffs off pretty easy after its hazed.
Dodo Juice PHP-Applied by bare hand, similar to BVP, slightly easier to remove once hazed though.

Heres the video, i apologize for the lighting, it was kinda of late before i could get to this. Most of my impressions and opinions are in the video in regards to look, beading and sheeting. Watch in HD and enjoy!

Conclusion of attributes:

Easy of Application (Ez to Hard): Naturally the harder waxes came in
Both Zymol waxes take 1st place here- very buttery
Purple Haze Pro 2nd
Blue Velvet very similar to PHP in 3rd
Celeste D. v2 in last. Note: I think i may have applied it slightly thick, a little thinner and it would have been easier to remove. But in general it wasnt difficult

Best Look
Celeste Dettaglio is ahead of the rest of the pack on this one. I could actually see that the section that CDv2 was applied to was darker than the rest of the waxes tested. I think wax will enhance any color it is applied to and offer the coveted deep, wet, sharp look. On my mach 1 it makes my black blacker and deeper and its very noticable.

Zymol and Dodojuice waxes were very comparable in look. There may be some difference if i were able to apply it to a whole vehicle but in this test they seemed very similar.

Thanks for reading/watching! Let me know what you guys think.
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