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Right rear break dragging

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So, I did a T-Lok install over the weekend which involved taking my calipers and hubs off. When I put everything back together and test drove it I measured the temperature of my rotors to find that my right rear was around 250 degrees while my left rear was only in the 80's. Fronts were around 150 I believe. It doesn't pull to one side or the other while driving or breaking at all.

Any idea what could be causing this? Is it possible that it just got reset in a little different position causing it to drag a little?

Also, my E-Brake never seemed to work very well. Am I correct in thinking that it should be able to lock up the back wheels at least on gravel?

PS. My car is a 2000 v6 mustang.
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if they're rear drums you should be able to lock up the rear tires. If you can't, it means bad springs, bad pads, bad connection, or they aren't adjusted properly.
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