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Ok so I took a picture of it but my phone won't upload to phote bucket so ill have to down load it to my computer and upload tomorroe but.....

I just noticed that the two front tires don't look like there centered in the wheel well. And byy centered I don't mean turned because of the steering. Wheel not centered but as in the tire sits off center more towards the door side rathere then foward towards the hood/nose

Its hard to explain w/out the pic but either way there's vibraton at all in the steering rattling at all I jacked up the car...nothing is bent of cracked but the wheel deff sets off center in equal distance in the wheel well .......
Any ideas....
Keep in mind these r 15 inch steel wheels (snow tires)
The summer tires are 17 inch gt alloy wheels and set perfectly centre of the wheel well

Is it an optical ullision lol
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