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So recently i got a new PI intake manifold put in and ever since the car has been idling rough.
The shop who swapped the intake told me i just needed new plugs since my old ones had been drenched in coolant and oil from the previous faulty manifold.

Well i replaced the plugs with OEM motorcraft ones and got new FRPP high performance wires. I cleaned out all the plug holes and the coil packs as well.
However, the car still idles very weird. Driveability is great, but at a stop light, the idle goes up and down from 200-1000. While acceleration at lower RPMs i hear what is a ticking sound.
A few times, it has stalled when put in reverse due to the rpms falling too low.

The idle whether in park, neutral, or drive is rough. The car vibrates and it sounds like its completely cammed, when its not.
Any ideas what this could be? I've been told it could be a vacuum leak but i'm not sure where to look first.

And by the way, last week i cleaned out my cold air intake, the MAF sensor, my throtlle body, and the IAC.
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