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Royal Purple’s ‘The Forum Wars’ NEEDS YOU!

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Royal Purple’s ‘The Forum Wars’ NEEDS YOU!

Presented by Royal Purple and airing on SPEED channel and across the worldwide web ‘The Forum Wars’ is the first and only show dedicated to giving real members of real online car communities the opportunity to go head to head with their rival counterparts in the ultimate racing challenge.

Royal Purple’s ‘The Forum Wars’ is accepting applications from Mustang GT owners RIGHT NOW!

This is YOUR chance to represent your badge, your community and your peers.

Forum vs Forum. GT vs. 370z. Owner vs. Owner.

Official drag race. Timed Lap. Wheel to wheel on the road course. Three events. One winner.

If you have the car, experience on the track, and the eggs to bring it in front of a broadcast audience then Royal Purple’s ‘The Forum Wars’ WANTS YOU!

If you….

- Own a (recent model) Mustang GT (street legal, DOT approved tires, current registration and insurance)

- Have track experience

- Live in L.A or surrounding counties – or willing to drive

- Come fully trash talk equipped and ready to be on camera

Royal Purple’s ‘The Forum Wars’ wants to hear from you.

Email [email protected], briefly stating why it should be you representing your community and the mighty Mustang GT. Please also include details of your location, driving experience and a picture of your car.

This is a “run what you brung” competition. No tire changes. No trackside tuning.

Your chance to be the pride of the online ‘Stang community.
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dude plz... 370z are ugly... id take the 350 or the g37 over it any day..

so they have 300hp out of a v6 good job.. wheres torque though?
I just google curb weight.

The 350z im getting like 3500lbs

The 370z im getting 3223 is this right? Thats an issue.
i used to race agianst one of my managers....he has a G37 6 speed and that thing moves bone stock we were about dead even but he has full bolt ons!! and he pulls hard!
so can it pull ur GT?
so can it pull ur GT?
With all of his bolt ons and me being stock yes he the 8th i would say it would be close with him by a little and in the quarter i dont think i could get close........that cars pulls hard up top and not so well down low
We've got to win this for Ford, for Mustang... for America! Fingers crossed they pick a Modded Mustang member.
Mobil 1 Synthetic with K&N Gold oil filter is what your up against. Royal Purple is good but will burn like standard motor oil. This is why my Z's going to win. It's not stock either. It has more power than a Nismo and this why your Mustangs are going to loose.
Four months later...this should be fun.

im in L.A. but i dont think i have enough done to my car and i don't wanna imbarass MM?but it sounds like fun to **** talk to some ricers,
if jazzer would be allowed, id 3rd jazzer
41 - 52 of 52 Posts
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