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Went to US41 yesterday ,drove my car 90 miles one way, it's was nice and cold day .We had few long brakes as many cars broke down and had few crashes too. Track was hooking well and cars were running strong so GM cars were leaving rear ends and tranys , Fords were blowing up engines

Made total of 4 passes ,made some adjustments to suspension since last time I went to the track and car was getting lot better 60' times

First pass - no cool down , straight of the highway in street trim on my heavy 17'' rims with drag radials .I don't know why but for some reason I hit rev limiter from 3rd to 4-th. 3K rpm launch , car hooked.

2nd pass - decent cool down time ,put my BS street lites rims on and put some ice in my ice box .5500 rpm launch ,car hooked and got decent times.

3rd pass- good cool down ,drained fluid from my ice box ,filled it up with ice and turned on my intercooler pump manually ,I let the pump run for few minutes , all ice got malted but it cooled the car down pretty good so I went to staging lines .Right before I was going to run I filled the ice box with ice again. close to 6K launch - didn't hook well and I short shifted from 1-st to second :nonono:. Got crazy trap speed :eek: but tire spin and short shifting killed my ET

Last pass -good cool down but run out of ice.Got dark and I guess track got little slippery as my car got little out of grove so I wasn't paying attention to RPM gauge so I shifted early .I run against my brothers Lincoln Mark VIII and that was a closest race I ever had , he got me by a front bumper.His car is running strong as f..k for what he has done to it.

All passes were made on my pump gas 93 street tune ,very safe tune by Bob Kurgan :rockon:

I was planning to make few passes on my race tune but I don't like to run my car at night so I decided to quit running.I might be going back to the track in few weeks ,weather permitting.

overall I'm happy with my little first gen 2.2 Kenne Bell.

Videos coming soon.
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