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S/C 4.6 or Nitrous 5.4

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Alrighty guys im stuck. no matter what i have to build and engine. my stock 4.6 has 133k on the clock and im not comfortable putting any type of power adder to it.

So.. do i re-build the 4.6 and put 03-04 heads and blower on it. or do i build a fully forged 5.4 with some decent cams and spray it?

Lets hear what you would do?
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what if i did just a N/A 5.4 with some cams :)


Just a 5.4 with some cams will be a very expensive thing to do, and won't result in a lot of power. At least nothing that would compare to a 4.6 with a power adder. I think you should do the 4.6 s/c... Just forged internals with stock heads and cams you can put a ton of boost to it and be plenty fast.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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