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S/C 4.6 or Nitrous 5.4

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Alrighty guys im stuck. no matter what i have to build and engine. my stock 4.6 has 133k on the clock and im not comfortable putting any type of power adder to it.

So.. do i re-build the 4.6 and put 03-04 heads and blower on it. or do i build a fully forged 5.4 with some decent cams and spray it?

Lets hear what you would do?
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Ya there is on 5.4 in sioux falls which is like 90 miles from here but it is turbo'd and as soon as it spools up he has no traction he went like 11's at 147 lol.. i would do a progressive controller if i spray it
what if i did just a N/A 5.4 with some cams :)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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