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Ive been looking on getting the Saleen "Dark Horse" wheels for my 2011 Brembo GT

20" 9/10" Ford Mustang Chrome True Saleen Wheels Set(4) | eBay

On Ebay for $799 = $120 for shipping

Saleen Saleen 2010 Speedstar Chrome Wheel Set

From Saleen for $1699 + $105 for shipping

The ebay guy said he tried them on a 2011 Brembo stang and they didnt fit, Saleen said it "shoud" fit the brembo brakes. Both are 30mm front and 50mm back. Im looking on putting 305/35/20's on the back to solve my traction issues :)

Anyone have any experiance with these wheels on their 2011 Brembo GT or recommendations? I'd hate to drop any amount of cash for wheels that wont fit. Thanks
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