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Hi - my 1st post here.
My ride (one of them) is a 2001 SVT Cobra - Laser Red, 50K miles, bone stock. Owned since new (my 1st brand new Mustang), garage kept, rarely seen rain, never seen snow (see my photos I'm posting tonight).

Just one problem: the damn seat belt chime. From brand new, I had to click it 3 times otherwise the chime would go off 10 times. The dealer advised me not to mess with it. No big deal; a perfect marriage of man & machine for 11 years.

Earlier this year, it started to break down. The seat belt chime goes off 10 times whether you have the belt on or not. I figure the sensor has a broken wire, bad ground, etc. I always wear the seat belt, but just want it to stop.

Can I remove the sensor?
Disable it?
Fool it (tie it so it thinks the seatbelt is always on)?
Take out the fuse?

Please respond with explicit instructions - i.e. exactly where do I find the sensor/circuit/fuse, what do I do to it, etc. I read some of the other posts on this topic, but arguments about the merrits of seatbelts and complicated procedures I'd never remember to do are not the answer I'm looking for

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