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Due to the abundance of mail fraud, I urge all of you to gather as much information about a seller before sending payment on an item. Information such as:
• Company Name
• Person’s Name and Title
• Address
• City
• County
• State
• ZIP Code
• Country
• Home Phone No. (Include Area Code)
• Cell Phone No. (Include Area Code)
• Work Phone No. (Include Area Code) &
• E-Mail
should all be readily available upon request. If they are hesitant to offer any information I urge you all to NOT BUY no matter how good of a deal they are offering. Also, if you have any doubt in them telling the truth, I advise you to “test” their information. A call to the person’s place of work on their work phone # and a simple “May I talk with ‘Joe Smith’ ” will ensure they provided accurate information.

ALSO, if this is not obvious to anyone else, keep track of your records. DO NOT pay for items to be shipped in cash. Get a certified check from the bank or a money order from the post office. Better yet use paypal; thats the best way to keep things working right.

KEEP ALL RECIEPTS AND CHECK STUBS. If the shipper is willing, have them ship your package COD (cash on deliver). Also, keep any e-mails or private messages could aid you in receiving reimbursement.

For anyone thinking of ripping off members of, I am attaching an online form to make the reporting of “Mail Fraud” easier. Mail Fraud is the FELONY that you are committing when you take payment for an item you do not send out.

Report mail fraud here

Hopefully with everyone’s help, we can make this classified section one where everyone feels safe buying and selling parts and other miscellaneous items. If you are contemplating committing mail fraud, I suggest you Google the consequences of committing such a crime.
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