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I posted this on AirsoftOhio forums as well, as I was a member on there since early 2009. Being a resident of Ohio it makes it easy for me to meet with potential buyers and to show products to them before selling. However I need a large "audience"... potentially.

Also, if any of you guys here on MM know someone who plays, another forum, a friend, etc. please refer them to me or me to them. :p
Thanks! This stuff can be bought as great presents for Christmas/Hanukkah etc. for those that play and partake in this hobby. Everything I am selling is built for the hobby or is actual military/surplus, but is all good even if it is just for fun!

All comments or questions, even those unrelated to buying, like that of or about airsoft in general, are welcome.



Hello and welcome to my "Goodbye Airsoft Sale Thread". This thread is to sell ALL my airsoft stuff. I have almost anything you could ask for if you're after something different or in general to improve your loadout.

Let me start by introducing myself to those that may not know me. I'm Justin, am an 18 year old college student from central Ohio. Columbus area. Late 2008 was the beginning of my airsoft interest which peaked in 2009 when I joined the AO forums. Currently am an old member of the forums. Played a lot in 2009 and 2010 before my interest slowed in 2011. I played mainly at Springfield, but attended events at Red Dragon, Valley Creek, Roseville Prison, and Chillicothe. My participation in Airsoft has been dying out. I don't see myself playing anytime onward as college is a big part in my life, and my interest peaks within my car project as well as real handguns/rifles. I own a 2008 Mustang GT which is what sucks a good portion of my money like Airsoft had. You could say it replaced my "money pit" that airsoft used to be to me. I also love real steel guns and handguns. I have an AR15, M1A, and Beretta 92 as well as itching soon for a .45 ACP handgun. In conclusion I am selling all my airsoft stuff, provided that I can get fair prices for my stuff... All of this stuff holds a spot in my heart. It was hard to decide to sell the things I have. I was attached far too long and have come to the realization it has to go. It takes space in my basement closet (Don't worry its finished and everything I have is stored in a great environment) and needs to get off my hands. I'd rather see my stuff be used by people who share and partake in the hobby that is MilSim airsoft. It'd be better for my stuff to be put to good use than to just sit around. Especially considering the type of brands I have for sale here. Classic Army, Tokyo Marui, King Arms, Black Hawk, Pantac, Tru-Spec, LA Police Gear, etc. Everything for sale is either meant for MilSim airsoft or for real warfare. Brands such as Tru-Spec, Blackhawk, and Leapers used in actual military cases. Some things I used for my Airsoft hobby are surplus/military gear. In other words, even if you aren't planning to play MilSim airsoft, some of the things available can be used for both real and airsoft rifles, and good for other things.

This is what my entire tan team loadout with my CA53 or PMC looked like. Just about ALL of this is for sale. In other words, this is what you could like. ;) In 2009-2011 I was notorious for the "Infidel" style look as I rocked a shemagh and ESS combo for a long time. Only late did I start a helmet and balaclava/shemagh look.

My Oldest/Notorious look:

My helmet based loadout (right):

Most recent loadout look:

Everything was well taken after, and I loved everything I had or sold it immediately and got the next best thing. Everything is top quality, so I expect fair offers. Mostly a 30%-50% price drop is what I would expect. Especially at the condition and care put into the hobby and items I have up.

IT IS DECEMBER! Winter Holiday time is coming up! Buy my stuff for the holidays! It is cheaper than buying some of this stuff online even in some cases where the condition is NEW. I have some never used or barely used items, and EVERYTHING is in good to excellent condition. Buy yourself or a loved one something nice for the upcoming holidays! :p

Payment and Shipping:
Can give shipping quotes and answer offers on shipping items out. I ship via USPS Priority flat rate. Expect your stuff in a couple days from shipment. I CAN NOT SHIP UNTIL DECEMBER 10th!!! Starting Dec. 10th I will ship out all orders. Otherwise, I am a very fast shipper! You pay, I'll ship that day or day after (depending on when you pay). PM me for my Paypal info! Send payments as "Goods" so that you may get tracking info if I am given the number.

I'd highly appreciate a review on my iTrader after a sale. I always return the favor as the Seller by forming a review as well. Even if it isn't exactly positive (Which I try for it to be), I want all iTrader feedback so that I can improve the way I work as a seller. I have a lot to sell, so I know I'll be one for a while. iTrader ratings help others feel safe in their buyers/sellers. Therefore, if you buy something from me I'd HIGHLY appreciate the feedback. It helps me significantly both to get better and look more reliable. I hope my services in communication, shipping, and item description meet the expectations of both yours and mine. Trust me, as a seller, I'd like the buyer to walk away with a smile and what they intended to buy. :)

-PM me with offers if you don’t want to post them in thread. Worst I’ll say is no and provide a possible counter offer.
-If you need more pictures, or pictures of certain parts of an item that may not have been taken, just ask an dI will be more than happy to take more for you.
-I am located in the Westerville/Gahanna/New Albany suburbs of Columbus, and can meet at neutral locations if you’d like to check out the stuff in person, BUT I WILL ONLY BE WILLING TO DRIVE OUT AND MEET YOU, IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY INTERESTED AND NEED TO SEE THE ITEMS IN PERSON. I figure the only things possibly needed being seen in person are the guns themselves. I will not drive out to meet you for a vest pouch… you get the point. Simply put, just please DO NOT waste my time. Thanks.
-I will be able to meet starting December 10th through January 13th.
-My only disclaimers are that it has been a while since the guns have been used and batteries recharged. They were stored correctly, but there may be slight number changes in FPS ratings on the guns from what I’ve stated due to small factors like that of spring wear or something similar of the sort. Also, the pictures provided are fairly old. Some small things like scratches on guns may not be pictured well above. Base what I have for sale on how I described the quality in the "Condition" portion of the gun descriptions. All guns are either "Great" or "Excellent" in condition. Nothing is in poor or bad condition.
-If you want to shoot the guns before buying, that is fine. I can charge their batteries and let you at a location, but the location would have to be like a park or woods in a remote area and I will ONLY do so if you are ABSOLUTELY interested in them. In other words... I'll do it IF, you need to see them shoot before you buy them. I understand the cause for wanting to them work before buying them. Like test driving a car you plan to buy. I DO NOT want to meet you, let you shoot them and then get a response like: "Okay, well I'll maybe contact you in a week when I get the money." In other words again. Do not waste my time. Again, thank you.

Now, let's move onto the sale portion of the thread itself. The stuff I have is as follows:

Propper Camo: Multicam fielded a good bit, faded some but good condition, and woodland never fielded.
Two Helmets: Multicam fielded even less than vest and camo. Woodland never fielded. Woodland helmet NEW, Multicam with puffball addition to chin strap.

Two Pantac Vests: Multicam PC and Olive Drab PC. Olive Drab never fielded. Multicam many times but in great condition.

MadBull XM203 and Shells: XM203 fielded only a few times. Works fine, barely any scratches or wear. Have x4 60 round shells, 2x 204 rd King shells, and 1x rocket shell (shoots mini nerf rockets like a charm).

Classic Army M249 Saw MKII:
BRAND: Classic Army
STYLE/KIND: M249 SAW MKII (Full stock)
COLOR:Original black
CONDITION: Great. All parts working and functional. Exterior condition great. Stock bottom has wear.
BATTERY RECOMMENDED: Large type. 9.6v 4500 mah.
FPS:Approximately 400 fps with .20 bb's. Out of box.
INCLUDES: M249, folding bipod attached, 2x 1200 round Woodland camo covered automatic box mags made by Classic Army. Comes in the original box. Can sell R.I.S upper separately. Requires installation but will provide for sights.
METAL/PLASTIC BUILD: Full Metal exept stock and grip which is strong ABS plastic
*Comes with two 1200 round Woodland Camo box mags. Fake bullets separate.*

Classic Army M15A4 PMC:
BRAND: Classic Army
STYLE/KIND: 2009 model M15A4 PMC (Private Military Contractor) M4 RIS Carbine based with crane stock
COLOR:Original black
CONDITION: Great. All parts working and functional. Exterior condition great.
BATTERY RECOMMENDED: Has a triple nunchuck style battery jammed in stock. Suggest to keep in stock and charge from inside the gun. Wires run out bottom of stock which has a snap on "cap" Unhook the battery and charge directly. Was really hard getting the 9.6v battery in there, but it'll last ALL day long (7-8 hr event)
FPS: Modified to shoot approximately 400 fps with .20 bb's.
INCLUDES: Rifle, Classic Army high cap mag, folding sights, black CCW flash hider. Original box.
MODIFICATIONS: Can not remember exactly what was done, but the basic necessities and what was needed for 400 fps. All part put in the gun were the best at the time. Systema, Prometheus, Classic Army, etc. 120 Spring, bushings, hop up upgrade, gears, tightbore barrel etc. All work done professionally at AirsoftSmith LLC.
PRICE PAID: ~$400 before ~$150 in modifications. Total as new ~$550
METAL/PLASTIC BUILD: Full Metal exept stock and grip which is strong ABS plastic
*Accessories separate but available unless stated in "SOLD" section at bottom of this WTS thread.*

Tokyo Marui M14 OD:
BRAND: Tokyo Marui
STYLE/KIND: M14/M1A Springfield version with fake SA production numbers behind sights. ABS stock.
COLOR:Olive Drab
CONDITION: Excellent. All parts working and functional. Exterior condition is excellent. Rarely fielded, one or twice at most. Estimated easily less than 1,500 BBs shot.
BATTERY RECOMMENDED: Large type. 8.4v or greater. Snug fit.
FPS: Modified HEAVILY to shoot approximately 400 fps with .20 bb's. Stock TM M14's shoot like 200 fps due to Japan standards of safety.
INCLUDES: Rifle, TM magazine. I believe I still have the original box. Black flash hider. Can sell box of 10 (ten) magazines made by King Arms. All "catches" on the mags were filed down to work in the gun perfectly. Feeds every BB. KA mags are mid caps good for MilSim game events. Hold about 140 rounds each.
MODIFICATIONS: Nearly everything replaced internally. 400 FPS. Known internals: Guarder Spring guide VII M14, Prometheus 500mm M14 tightbore barrel, Systema M120 spring, Prometheus Torque up gears, Systema metal bushings, Systema bucking, Systema Piston, and Systema Piston head. Everything professionally installed by AirsoftSmith LLC
METAL/PLASTIC BUILD: Full Metal barrel, sights, trigger system, etc. Strong ABS plastic stock, body and upper.
*All accessories pictured on gun are FS seperate or NFS*

Classic Army CA53 (MP5 with G3 style mags):
BRAND: Classic Army
STYLE/KIND: MP5 base with G3 style mags
COLOR:Original Black
CONDITION: Excellent. All parts working and functional. Exterior condition is excellent. Rarely fielded, once or twice at most. Estimated easily less than 1,000 BBs shot.
BATTERY RECOMMENDED: Large. 8.4v+ but snug fit.
FPS: Modified HEAVILY to shoot approximately 400 fps with .20 bb's. Stock CA53 shot a sad FPS.
INCLUDES: Rifle. 5-6 midcap mags by Classic Army. Each mag is like 40 bucks and all metal. I believe I still have the original box. Black threaded tip for silencers.
MODIFICATIONS: This gun was originally a very sad and fairly crappy gun. I bought it fairly cheap new from a website since it was not a big hit. With the mag type, and initial small battery it was not the type of gun that you'd buy. I wanted the mag type since my loadout didn't accompany MP5 mags. It was a foldable stock, front small battery gun with a sad FPS of 200 fps or under It had a hard time even shooting. I had to spend months and lots of money to get it to be the beast it is. This gun is absolutely incredible now. A must see and must shoot. This little versatile MP5 now shoots a rapid 400 FPS. A good 22 or so bb's/second. Shoots for hours and hours unlike when stock. You may ask what was done? Well the whole gun was taken apart, nearly gutted, and remade. Other than the platform, the inside is just about now ALL Systema. Replaced with new trigger, 229mm Tightbore Barrel, M130 spring, Magnum High Torque Motor, High Torque Gears, Cylinder Bore up set, Piston + Head, Hop up, Hop up bucking. The gun was then rewired to the back, replaced the folding stock with an MP5 full stock to house a large 8.4+ voltage battery to accommodate the new internals. Foregrip (where old battery used to be) remains. The large orange tip was removed and added a full steel MP5 threaded barrel tip for silencers. This gun was converted from a Classic Army sore to a Systema in a Classic Army body MONSTER. This little sub-machine gun style AEG shoots surprisingly far for the barrel length. It'll shoot as far as most M4 rifles on the field, if not further, and is a fantastic indoor gun. Semi auto was modified so that the gun can nearly shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. "Butterfly style". It can take on the role of CQB and Mid-range no problem, is a workhorse, and an MP5 like no other. EVERYTHING was done professionally by AirsoftSmith LLC and is probably one of the guns they MAY still remember. It was a LONG journey getting this gun to what it is. Thanks again Andy and Red haha.
PRICE TOTAL (NEW): You'll cringe at this, I know. BUT, this thing is practically a System MP5 in a Classic Army body. Cost of this finished beast was a whopping ~ $850. Yep, you read that right.
I know I said 30% above but this is a gun I could see working on pricing with a buyer. So much was put into making it right that the cost stems a lot from parts and installation fees.
METAL/PLASTIC BUILD: Full metal, but stock, lower front "grip" and grip are strong ABS. Stock butt is padded rubber.
*Silencer separate, but gun comes with all mags*

Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU Blowback:
BRAND: Tokyo Marui
STYLE/KIND: 1911 Marine Expedition Unit Edition GBB
COLOR:Original black
CONDITION: Fantastic. All parts working and functional. Exterior condition great. Fielded a few times, but when fielded, ALWAYS holstered in a Serpa (Also for sale), unless being used. Was always on a lanyard so its never fallen.
BATTERY RECOMMENDED: None. Powered by Green Gas mags.
FPS:Approximately 200 or so fps with .20 bb's. Out of box stock. Not a bad FPS for a handgun. Strong enough to know your hit, but not to break skin of your opponents. Get "kills" indoor with style. Gun slide bows back with every shot and stays back (like real handguns) when mag is emptied.
INCLUDES: Handgun, original box, mag loader, and 3 doublestack style mags. I believe the hold a good 20+ rounds.
EXTRA COMMENTS: Most realistic feeling 1911 GBB I've held and shot. Fits the hand perfectly and looks amazing in person. Features a double safety. Standard 1911 ambidextrous safety and another pressure style safety on the backside of the grip. In other words with safety off, your hand must be on the gun and pressing the plate inward to be able to shoot. This makes holstering it cocked, loaded, and safety off still safe. The gun won't shoot unless you put your hand on it and pull the trigger. With this feature and the slap style Serpa holsters I have for sale, you can draw and shoot this 1911 (with practice) in a seconds notice. The $200 new price was well worth it.
*Comes with 3 mags, original box, and mag loader*

Have Multiple batteries from 8.4v to 9.6v
8-10 bags of Elite white .20g bbs
4-5 G&P and UTG scopes, including EoTech.
Airsoft Innovations Tornado black hand grenade
Gun case for Saw MKII
Green gas canisters, and various loadout accessories i.e. balaclava, shemagh, bladders, drop pouches, mag pouches, handgun lanyards, etc.

-Classic Army M249 Saw MKII
-Classic Army M15A4 PMC Custom [Modified]
-Tokyo Marui M14 OD [Modified]
-Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU Blowback
-Classic Army Custom CA53 [Modified]
-Pantac Molle PC Vest (Multicam & Woodland)
-Tru Spec Mich style helmets (Multicam & Woodland)
-Black Hawk Balaclava (Coyote & Black)
-Black Hawk Serpa Holster (Tan & Olive)
-10+ bags of Elite .20 gram BBs
-MAG M4/M16 type mags (Mid cap 120 rd.) Qty. 8+
-King Arms M14 Mid Cap Mags 120 rd. Qty. 8+
-Madbull XM203 Launcher Long Black
-Madbull 48 rd. gold shells Qty. 3
-Madbull XMPB4 silver shell
-Two Madbull King shells gold 204 rds.
Plus more. Will update, otherwise just ask.

-G&P 552 Red/Green holograpic sight
-MP5 scope mount
-8x Magpul Magazine Pulls (Black)
-ESS TurboFan Profile Goggles (Black and Tan)

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Bumping this thread in hopes some see since it has been a few days. ANY and ALL questions or comments, even those about airsoft, are welcome. I'm on here and AO often trying to sell this stuff.

If you know someone who plays or looking to buy refer them to me please! Thank you!
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