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EDIT:Code "P0172" service Engine Soon" just came on! :( Suggestions/opinions please?

Edit:Scanner shows "P0172"
What's goin on with my car? I just got this car recently. Passed smog & did a Mobil-1 oil change less than a month ago. 72,xxx on the odometer right now. Car runs great as I just got 290 miles out of my last fill up. It drives the same as it always has, just the light came on all of a sudden. I don't really beat on the car, just cruising most of the time. Only thing I did different was put in some 7eleven gas yesterday. I usually run Chevron or Shell. Service light came on this morning :( Any suggestions/opinions would be appreciated :)

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Have Autozone run the codes, they can read the codes at the store and tell you what you need.

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It could have been a one time thing, disconnect the battery to clear it and see if it comes back. If it does you can have autozone pull the code or if you have a handheld tuner you can check for yourself.

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Hec Odometer Test.

Run a self HEC ECU test .. your car is able to display codes by itself without a tool, not EVERYTHING though lol....
So do this, HOLD your odometer reset button, put the key in and turn the ignition to RUN position, don't turn it on.. and keep the reset button pressed for 5 secs.
after 5 secs you should see that the odometer shows *tESt* now instead of your mileage... and release the button as soon as you see that.
Now you entered into menu mode, every time you press the button now, you'll scroll through the menu...

*GAGE* Activates gauge sweep of all gauges, then displays present gauge values. Also carries out the checksum tests on ROM and EE.
If the gauge sweep is inoperative, INSTALL a new instrument cluster.

*bulb* Illuminates all micro-controlled indicators and LEDs.
r Returns to normal operation of all micro-controlled indicators and LEDs and displays hexadecimal value for ROM level.
*EE* Displays the hexadecimal value for EE level.

*dt* Displays hexadecimal coding of final manufacturing test date.
*dtc* Displays continuous DTC's in hexadecimal format. Pressing the SELECT/RESET button will display any DTC's stored before proceeding to the next step.
*enG* Displays the English speed in MPH. Speedometer will indicate present speed within tolerances. Display will show 0 if input in not received. If input is invalid for one second or more, or if speed is 0.

*m* Displays the metric speed data in kph. Speedometer will indicate present speed within tolerances. Display will show 0 if input in not received. If input is invalid for one second or more, or if speed is 0.
*tAc* Displays the tachometer data received from the PCM via the SCP network within tolerances. Tachometer will indicate present RPM. Display will show 0 if input is no received, if input received is invalid for one second or more, or if engine RPM is 0.
*FUEL* Displays the code (0-255) for the fuel sender input to the HEC. The fuel gauge will display a filtered fuel level value. This filter will keep the pointer from moving suddenly or erratically.
255 open send +/- 0
232 full stop +/- 0
215 Full mark +/- 10
178 3/4 mark +/- 8
138 1/2 mark +/- 7
93 1/4 mark +/- 5
41 E mark +/- 4
54 Low Fuel (0-59)
0-18 short (0-20 max)
*OIL* Displays the code (0-250) for the oil pressure switch input to the HEC.
Oil pressure gauge will indicate present oil pressure. Normal oil pressure (greater than 6psi) will display a value between 000 and 176.
A low oil pressure or an inoperative engine oil pressure switch (less than 6 psi) will display a value greater than 176.
*dEGC* Display of engine temperature in Degrees C input from cylinder head temperature sensor.
49 C "C" mark
60 C Normal band start
120 C Normal band end
-40 C No SCP message for 5 seconds

*bAtt* Displays the code (0-255) for the battery voltage input to the HEC. Battery voltage gauge will indicate present battery voltage.

93-102 6.2-9.1 volts, low voltage
115-124 8.5-10.7 volts, Normal band start
215-225 15.8-18 volts, Norm band end
230-241 16.9-19.1 volts, high voltage

*rhEo* Displays the present decimal rheostat dimming input, 0-255 (used when requesting assistance from the hotline)
rho Not used.
*Cr* Displays the current RUN/START sense input.
Display will show -h for high input with the ignition switch in the START position and -L for low input with the ignition switch in the RUN position.
PA-PE7 not used.
And GAGE Repeats the display cycle..............
Now, you should stop when it shows *dtc* and press it again to see the code... write it down, and find it here>

9202 Fuel sender open circuit
9204 Fuel sender short to ground
9213 Anti-theft number of programmed keys is below minimum
A103 or 9232 Antenna not connected-defective transceiver
9317 Battery Voltage high
9318 Battery voltage low
9342 ECU is defective :eek:
9356 Ignition run circuit open
9364 Ignition Start circuit open
9600 PATS Ignition Key Transponder Signal is Not Received - Damaged Key or non-PATSKey
9601 PATSReceived Incorrect Key-Code from Ignition Key Transponder (unprogrammed Encoded Ignition Key)
9602 PATS Received Invalid Format of Key - Code From Ignition Key Transponder (Partial Key Code)
9681 PATSTranceiver Signal is Not Received (Not Connected, Damaged, or Wiring)
A139 PCM ID does not match between Instrument Cluster and PCM
A141 NVM Configuration Failure (No PCM ID exchange between Instrument Cluster and PCM)
A143 NVM memory failure
5284 Oil Pressure Switch Failure
D027 SCP Invalid or Missing Data for Engine RPM
D041 SCP Invalid or missing data for Vehicle Speed
D043 SCP Invalid or missing data for Traction Control
D073 SCP Invalid or missing data for engine coolant
D123 SCP Invalid or missing data for Odometer
D147 SCP Invalid or missing data for vehicle security
D262 Missing SCP message.

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or just have the codes ran instead of dealing with all of that since it doesn't show all of the codes.
+1 not to metion that those are just diagnostic codes for the cluster, ecu, and pats and nothing else. It will not pull up engine codes.

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just go to autozone man, why waste your time downloading ****, pressing the reset button ect ect.

Go to autozone, have them test it and buy the parts that you need, hell they might even let you borrow the tool to install the new parts if its a simple fix.

Hope you find the problem and its a easy fix dude
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