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Hi guys,

Been a member here for awhile but don't really post. Wanted to extend an invite to Coyote owners (or Boss, Shelby, Roush type variant) to go on a cruise Sunday morning. We are meeting up in San Jose. We have room for a couple more cars. Stopping at a few different locations and for lunch at Half Moon Bay and cruising back. GoPros will be onsite.

It's a muscle car cruise...confirmed cars so far include:

my Boss 302 LS
Four 2015 Mustang GTs: two black, one comp orange, and a guard green
Two SVT Cobras
Challenger SRT8
Two Corvettes
e92 M3
and more!

Anyone want to join? (Coyotes, Cobras, Shelbys, Boss, Mach 1, Roush/Saleen type variants please)
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