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since i live overseas i hope find some good answers here..
I bought my car 2 years ago. Everything was fine until temperatures droped and cold weather came. If the car was parked for2,3 days battery dead. So , bought a new battery , but happen d the same. So after some forums research i found that i have to change the cd drive mechanism from my sh1000, wich displayed message CD ERROR all the time, and was not working.
So, i placed the order on rockauto and change it. That happen in spring( because of a loooong shipment from usa to romania) and after change it everything worked perfect. No cd error message, cd works fine , battery hold for ever.
This until ... winter came again...
I keep the car in an unheated garage and a few days ago when i want to start the car , after 3 weeks, battery flat dead. So... i charged the battery,and start the car. Than surprize !!! Big one. Cd player not working and message CD ERROR came back , and if this isnt enough i have a strange noise in dash board ...
So my question is cd driver mechanism is broke again because of cold weather(when i parked the 3 weeks ago cd works fine) and sucked all the battery, or battery was sucked by another consumer and broke the cd drive mechanism ??
And what is that annoing noise , its related with flat battery or with shaker ? Or its just a coincidence ?

Any thoughts ??
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