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Shaker 1000 Help

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need some input from you guys who have changed their shaker's out, like posted i have the shaker 1000, and it doesnt sound as good as i thought it would but i have a clarion double din dvd ill be installing, easy way to do it at all? looks like it shouldnt be too bad to remove the console and stuff. but im curious if the stock door speakers will sound better with the new headunit.
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i have the shaker 500 in mine. installed a 7" flip out touch screen with 2-JL 10" subs and a 650watt amp. sounded clear as day...the door speakers are really good with the shaker systems
i have noticed the door speakers seem to be really nice even with this headunit. is the install as simple as it looks? i may try to tackle this tomorrow
yeah the install is pretty smooth...only part that sucks is you gotta take off the center console to get the dash apart. there are two screws under the the arm rest - the part that flips up. the flip out touch screen was pretty simple though. im sure the double din will be just as easy
i have an automatic, does the console just lift around the shifter? or does the handle have to come off?
man i bet that would sound f'n awesome!
man i bet that would sound f'n awesome!
It does. That is what I run.
hmm idk about the automatics...the console should just pull up and over it. you can turn the center console once the screws are out. if it isnt attached to the housing around the shifter
ok cool thanks, ill prob try to get to this after work tomorrow if it isnt dark yet
The trim ring around the shifter just pops off and the rest of the console lifts off around it.
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ok ive taken apart my dash a buch of times fixing and messing with my head unit.
1. lift up center console and unscrew the 2 phillips screws located in the back cornors
2. pry off the trim pice to your automatic
3. remove the retaining screws securing the front half of the console
4. the rest of your console is held on my plastic clamps so just pull it up, it may need some force if its the first time being taken off( be carful around the hand brake)
5. carefully detach the 2 side trim panels by just pushing them from the back or tugging from the front.
6. unscrew the 6 hex bolts located around the center trim panel
7. unplug all conections from the center tim panel(make shur not to mix them up or forget where they go), the bottom right plug is weird to take off, u have to take a flat head and push down on the tab then while tab is down lift the arm up.
8. no the bare head unit is exposed and just unscrew the 4 bolts holding it in and unplug the 2 plugs and antena adapter.

Your now ready to install a new head unit:D

P.S. sorry for the bad spelling
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got started on it tonight, got the console out, ill finish in the morning when there is more light besides the dome lights lol but i did notice how weird it was to get the a/c control plugs disconnected. i didnt d/c anything yet though, just messed with it some
those are the door speakers on the top right? are the the correct fit?
They fit with minor modification...I had to grind off a plastic rib on the factory mounts...and I soldered my connections as I always do.
damn, maybe for christmas or something I will get those, they are awesome! the 5" kicker rounds I have may be blown....
well guys i got it all hooked up but the subs in the rear dont work, i got a harness that has the 1 big plug, then a small plug with a male set of rca's and 2 remote wires, i hooked the 2 remote wires into the blue wire from the aftermarket harness, and then tied them in with the clarion blue wire. is that right? i heard like a pop sound when i first started it up but then nothing.
but the radio and everything plays just fine just not the subs, and if the subs arent working, that prob means the amp for the mids arent either, yeah?
Did you wire in a 5v regulator on the remote turn on wire? Might explain the pop. Make sure your headunit has the sub out turned on.
nah i didnt wire a regulator in, but every time i have tried since, like 4 times turning the radio on, it hasnt pop'd. and the sub out is on but in the harness i got, there was 2 plugs, but the shaker has 3 plugs, the medium sized plug has nothing on it right now. what is that for?
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