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Shifter Bezel Questions

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Ok I have a few questions since I busted one of the clips on my shifter bezel and it now moves out of places when I shift into reverse (it's a manual btw)

1. If I pick up a shifter bezel from a mid 90's Mustang, will it fit? I know the car didn't change a ton between 94 and 04.

2. My car doesn't have a traction control button but it does have some wires hooked up to the current shifter bezel, so if I pick up a shifter bezel with the traction control button, will it plug right in and work like it does on GTs?

3. I've found a few shifter bezels that don't have the boot attached and don't specifically say for manual or automatic. Does it really matter or will the automatic not have any points to attach the shifter boot?
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1) the only difference between the 94-98's and the 99-04 is traction control and the fact that the power point in the 94-98's is just that and not a cigarette lighter and also has a flip up cover for it.

2) The plug behind the bezel you are talking about is for traction control, just the wiring if your vehicle didnt come with it it will not work

3) As far as attaching points for your shifter boot on an automatic bezel im not sure but Im sure that a little hot glue could do the trick:2cents
the mid 90's one will work... as for the automatic one i think they are diff..
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yeah they will work and the only difference between the auto's and manuals is a shifter boot;)
Cool thanks guys. Hey 1 last question, will the shifter bezel from an 03 Cobra fit no problem? I'm assuming it will and I found one cheap (compared to the $150 from LMR).
yeah, it will fit.
Kick ass :) Thanks wraith, you're still my god :bow (and I would rep you but it's saying I need to spread the love lol)
:lol no problem bro. Its just im always on about the time that you post up a topic:)
Haha well I'm just glad you're always around when I happen to need help :)
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