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So i recently purchased cold air intake and i have problems now

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I bought a universal tube with a K&N filter and another smaller filter i forgot what it is called , Anyways i have a 2003 3.8 6cly mustang, the problem i noticed is when i driving and i rev my engine then release the car will rock foward and back real fast it seems more towards the back it rocks, it is a kind of violent rock i dont think its a normal rocking motion because friends have them and they dont have this problem, If u know nething about this please leave some information so i can figure out what the problem is.Also i have the Service engine sign on my dashboard lit up to.
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i have the hose hooked up to the smaller breather filter and the bigger filter is hooked up to my tube , i did plug the hole with the small rubber piece and i took my old filter out completly , From my old filter i had wires pluged into it , so i took out the chip or little black box inside the old filter and plugged the wires into that then tied it securly into a hole with these bands
and what code are u talking bout
wtf a cel lol
yea i can but might take a lil bit im busy
ye i have the wires hooked up to it , i jus took the box out of the filter so i dont have to waste space by putting the whole filter in there again
na i took off my whole filter setup from the stock mustang, in the black filter is a little black box where these wires hook up to , i unplugged the wires to put in my cai then when i was done i unscrewed the little black sensor box that was in the stock filter and plugged the old wires back into it then jus secured it under my hood with some bands
1 - 7 of 41 Posts
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