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So i recently purchased cold air intake and i have problems now

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I bought a universal tube with a K&N filter and another smaller filter i forgot what it is called , Anyways i have a 2003 3.8 6cly mustang, the problem i noticed is when i driving and i rev my engine then release the car will rock foward and back real fast it seems more towards the back it rocks, it is a kind of violent rock i dont think its a normal rocking motion because friends have them and they dont have this problem, If u know nething about this please leave some information so i can figure out what the problem is.Also i have the Service engine sign on my dashboard lit up to.
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get the code, and you aren't supposed to have a breather filter, either run a line to your IAT if you have it or plug that hole where the smaller filter is
this doesnt sound CAI related at all. can you describe the rock a little more?
if he has his IAT hose not plugged in he would hop like crazy
i have the hose hooked up to the smaller breather filter and the bigger filter is hooked up to my tube , i did plug the hole with the small rubber piece and i took my old filter out completly , From my old filter i had wires pluged into it , so i took out the chip or little black box inside the old filter and plugged the wires into that then tied it securly into a hole with these bands
1. take off breather filter and attach the hose to the hole.

2. the little black box is your MAF can you get a pic of what you did with the wires cause Im guessing thats your problem
thats kool, but that little black box is important lol
ye i have the wires hooked up to it , i jus took the box out of the filter so i dont have to waste space by putting the whole filter in there again

im confused? box in your filter, you mean the stock piece of metal pipe? or what
ok that sensor box should go into the CAI pipe
from his post im half thinking he ripped the wires and just has those sitting in his intake which means no MAF at all
he said he unplugged it. what he did was:
1 took off the stock intake
2 took the MAF off the stock intake
3 put his CAI together and hooked it up (didn't put the MAF on the CAI)
4 and just plugged the wires back in to the MAF, but it's sitting in his engine bay... instead of on his cai
5 lol
thats what I was thinking, which means

HaterORLovers, stop driving your car like now, and put the MAF in before you do permanent damage
This is what your CAI should look like

de-greaser FTW :lol
PS> its not grease its road dirt from slush splashing up in there.
i know man Im just giving you a hard time lol
i dont think hatersorlovers is gonna post back
then his car will surely go boom
Any bets?:D
on time or what screws up first?
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