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Some Cam questions

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Im thinking of either getting cams or a Windstar intake for Christmas, so I need help answering some questions about cams.

First, Im completely stock except exhaust and a CAI. From what I've heard, adding a cam or header will be the biggest HP gain I can get. How much can I expect to get?

Will I need a tuner after I've installed them? How hard is it to install? How long does it take?

Im looking at getting them from SSMS, however Im very confused. They have Comp cams for 395 and Delta Cams for 250. Which ones do I need? I understand that I also need a $35 measuring tool. Do I need the $145 hardened push rods as well?

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Ok a lot of questions there...
First there wont be a huge gain with a cam(I'd say between 15 and 20 hp) if you don't really have anything else done, like porting, but it will still make the car sound a lot better. And for the tuner, yes you will need one, as well as a custom tune. It shouldn't be terribly hard to install, as long as you have a pretty good idea what you're doing(as with anything lol). You might be able to get it done with someone helping in a day. The comp cam is a billet camshaft, meaning it is new. You also don't need new pushrods for that one if you don't want to. With the delta cam(regrind) you would need longer pushrods and the length checker to get the right ones.
So the comp cam is probably the better one?
Yes. That's what I'm doing for my car. I plan on keeping the car, so I figure I might as well put in a new part. That's my opinion.
Even better is a new custom cam...

Not an off the shelf generic cam.
Even better is a new custom cam...

Not an off the shelf generic cam.
Please. . . . .elaborate. Where can we get one, how much, ect. . .
If you want a custom cam, pm him. He will do a grind for you, and I am sure he will give you a price. Then you will need some new springs and retainers, along with some hardened pushrods for some good measure.
Depending how aggressive your new cam is you will need new valve springs, retainers and longer hardened pushrods. I put in a new cam and other than new gaskets I didn't need anything else.
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