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some sig help! i give good rep....

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ok, so i love the sig that 6er made for me awhile back. its amazing, and i use it on every forum. however, i am looking for something new. want something that has the car and the truck in it. honestly, i do not have any great ideas, other than i would like it to have both of them, and both in street trim, and maybe my user name in it. i want something i can pretty much use anywhere.

i have a link to a folder for pics of the truck, and a seperate link for the car.

truck: 2004 Ford SVT Lightning - a set on Flickr
and on the truck pics, i would rather it was one towards the bottom of page 1, or on page 2, as those have the new tinted headlights.

cobra: BBS Wheels - a set on Flickr

as for what i like, i love the 3/4 shots from the front. if 1 of each could be incorporated, and maybe an engine shot (mainly the cobra), that would be badass.

btw- here is a folder with pics of the cobra's engine. and the link to the lighting contains engine pics of it.

Updated Engine Pics Nov 2008 - a set on Flickr

i really appreciate it. and i will return the rep love for your time.
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no prob AZSonicSnake, thanks for the rep. May try a couple other designs.

thanks Reloaded.

Killa - you get PS fixed yet?
i am sure i dont have the kind of cash you would want. hows 6k sound.

Na stang i gotta recopy it.
Is this too wide? it's under 97KB or whatever so will it work as a sig?

EDIT: nevermind, it (the forum) just resized it to 550...

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you know all you have to do is make it your sig for 30 sec and see if it shows up. lol then you will know.
you know all you have to do is make it your sig for 30 sec and see if it shows up. lol then you will know.
:yes that's what I did, it (the forum) resized it to 550...
wow!! dig it with the whole truck in there...gotta change it! :D thanks again!!!!
Damn stang! That one looks EVEN better!

And Tony... Moniez is a little short. Working on buying an in-house racing setup for Forza 3 and other racing games... :D
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