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check out musatng club of md (mcom) Mustang Club of Maryland
for these events

feb 6 at 7pm meeting at bob davidson ford in parkville
may 17 meet in OC for the MCOM car show
March 29 GOTC get out of the cold event meet at multiple locations
june 6-8 carlisle, pa....carlisle ford show

check out MD Patriot Stangs & Fords (md patriot stangs and fords)

get out of the cold event as well.
pelican petes on feb 16, in german town.

also, i am goingto try to make it to MIR and OC like every yearfor the 2 oc car shows (june and august) and MIR for NOPI in May and August. Also MIR for imports vs domestics in NOvember.

just an vist the sites for more info.
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