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Ok, I got a sparkplug missfiring, belive just one, only noticeable at idle but it is giving my car a nice shimmy to it. I Belive it is on the passanger side do to exhaust sucking in air on that side.

I just got my car back from ford, new intake put in, underwarranty.

Now, I pulled up the black caps on each plug and took a look in side, all look like there seated and down, One I found was alittle dirty on the inside but nothing that would stop it from shooting. There was 1 cap that I couldnt get off, the thread seems to be nice a stripped:mad: Cant lossen, cant tighten. The cap itsself is pretty tight and not wiggling to much. Also this is the cap that is Right under the Air intake tube(had to disconnect it and all the tubes to so I could get to this plug).

Now, assuming its a bad plug and its just not firing right, I need to replace all of them, I havnt done this yet, do the plugs come with the black piece with the rubber tube? Or is that seperate. Could the black tube just be crap and the spring not conducting right? Should I replace them all and just call it a day? I know there not that expensive.

Also, wtf do I do about the stripped out helicoil on my brand new F***ing intake. Am I going to be able to Rethread that? or are they going to have to replace the whole damn thing?

I so love my car but god damn!
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