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Since we are new here , I was told by Joe to offer some nice new sales for all of the MM Members:

Well here are a few:

For our S197 Guys and Gals:

HTO Autolite plugs--- $72.00 Shipped

Dynojet Wideband Commanders---- please pm for pricing, too low to advertise!!!!!

Front sway Bar delete kits---- $105.00 Shipped

FRPP- CMCV Delete Plates----- $90.00 Shipped

SCT X-calibrator II with 3 custom tunes for your vechile $379.00 SHIPPED

Dynojet MAFia------please pm for pricing, too low to advertise!!!!!

Seimens 60lb. injectors------$355.00 set(8) shipped

Underdrive Pulleys------$169.00 Shipped

Your Choice of FRPP 3.73, 4.10 or 4.30 Gears----------$210 Shipped!!!!!

We Will Update this list as we find more products to make a special on!
Don't Worry 2V and 4v Folks, we have some specials coming up for you as well as the Fox body folks!
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