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So, I think my fuel filter might be clogged...she stutters every time during accelerating. Where is the fuel filter located at so I can see if it needs to be replaced? And does this actually sound like its the fuel filter or some other random thing I didnt think of?

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originoly posted by WLJohnson05 so all creadit goes to him for this. I just found it for you.

"ok i can help ya with whatever u need on this one, i just did this on mine yesterday.

i almost did a full write up on it but i was just too lazy to do it.

-ok firs thing ur gonna need to do is jack up the rear and put it on jackstands, or use ramps, either way.
-then slide under there and look up just in front of the tank and just behind the rear axle housing and theres ur fuel filter.
-now u have to pry off the general clips on both sides which is fairly easy, then i had to get some wd40 and spray down the screw clamp bc mine was rusted before it would give way. so i loosened that up most of the way.
then u slide the tool on there and up inside the line some till it clicks in, then just pull the line off the filter. then do the same on the other side.
-pull the filter out and pop the new one in (make sure u get the flow direction right...)
-then slide the lines back on and tighten the screw clamp and put the other clamps back on then start the car to make sure there arent any leaks and ur good to go.

u should take pics at every step and do a write up on this since i've never really seen one out there. or just get the pics and ill do the write up if u want either way. if u need any clarification of my quick directions let me know."

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I may have missed it reading above but....


Look on the gas tank side inside the trunk...behind the carpet. There should be a red button. Its the fuel cutoff. There's a bunch of technical ways to do it but the easiest is to "lightly" smack the housing with the back of a screwdriver and the red button will pop up. This means the emergency fuel cutoof has been...well.....cutoff. Now proceed with changing the filter. When your done, just press it in to reset it. yourself a favor and spend the $4 at autozone for the fuel filter line tool. It makes removing it very easy.

One last thing...dont be a douche bag...were safety googles because when you release it, some gas spills out of the filter and line and you are underneath it.
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