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Hi everyone. A friend gave me some springs, he said that are the PP2 ones. He said that he went to a ford store and he bought them there. They are in a Eibach box and on it there are the stickers of Ford. I have a 2016 GT with PP.
When I mounted these new springs I found the car exactly the same. I compared the two (you too can see those circled in photos with are in the same position): the front spring (red circle) were exactly the same but the rear ones (green circle) were different, in fact the new ones were longer but with less "circles".
Unfortunately I'm from Italy and the guy who give me these has taken them from a german one.
The codes of my original pp rear springs is FR3C-5560-HA
These new ones have JR3C-5560-HA
Do you know maybe which kind of springs are they? Thanks all
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