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Ok, so I guess more than anything I'm looking for some ideas or "thinking alloud" to help diagnose this problem I'm having with my car.

The car was sitting for about 2 months with no spark plugs, put the new plugs in yesterday the car started right up. Well the battery was a little low but it kicked over. I let it idle for about 3minutes then killed it. I waited a minute or so then went to start it again but it would not kick over... it kept dry firing(wa wa wa wa) no start.

I'm thinking I'll check and make sure I'm getting spark first and foremost. after that I'm thinking BBK FPR(can this even be tested?)

All the parts on the car except wire are practically new. If anything their 2yrs old with hardly any miles or use or brand new with no miles or use.

I'll post up later tonight with what I found and hopefully some of your young abled and whilling minds will help me figure out this bug... and crush it!
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