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Stay with a DR tire?

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Ok i had stock rims on my car for like 2wks once i got my new rims i have had nothing but 315 DRs. Im starting to get alittle annoyed with having places tell me that my tires have no tred and blah blah blah. And i rarely get on the car to take advantage of what the tires can do. So my ? is that is it worth it to staty with the 315drs or go down to like 275 or 305 radial??

My car is stock with just some blot ons and a tune.

If i go back to a reagual radial will i notice the trac diff..when i had the stock tires i would spin all the time and that was just annoying.
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Hell yeah you'll notice a traction difference!!!!!!!!! Its like night and day! Once you go DR, U never go back
thats what i thought.
just get some nitto's 555 extremes and they will take care of your street needs and will last a long time as well.
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