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mm's nitrous mod
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mm's nitrous mod
12,988 Posts
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this is a sticky for power number's. the requirement for listing your power numbers is to pm me, futureMACH1racer, or lefty with your numbers, along with proof like a dyno graph or vid (vid must show numbers). if you would like to give you list of mods as well, add them in the pm and they will be listed as well.

jivepepper---------------00GT-----------665/540 centri (vortech)
BOB---------------------01 GT----------529/484 centri
UnixHH-----------------03 saleen--------470/440 centri (procharger)
Mustang46--------------02GT------------453/548 turbo
03 StangGuy------------03GT-----------448/405 centri
MATT02GT--------------02GT------------428/436 centri (procharger)
~C~--------------------00GT-----------370/380 centri
Eagle2000GT------------00GT------------370/377 centri (procharger)
Black Bullitt--------------01 bullitt-------366/382 centri (vortech)
SWEET2KSTANG---------00 GT----------364/462 n20 261/301 N/A
Bullitt5339--------------01 bullitt--------358/480 n20 263/302 N/A
GTRACER88--------------00 GT----------302/330 n2o 239/278 N/A
Jazzer The Cat-----------02 saleen--------245/285 N/A

mm's nitrous mod
12,988 Posts
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Basic power list is:

Vortech V1 T-trim @ 20 psi peak
MMR MOD 900 Short Block
Patriot Stage 2 Heads
Houston Performance S292 Cams
TFS Intake with Oval Throttle body Upper Intake
Accufab Oval Single Blade Special Throttle body

Lots of support mods.


2002 Mustang GT

5.0 2v Stoker
70mm Turbo Kit 12 PSI Intercooled
Snow Performance Water/Meth Kit
60lb Injectors w/ Blow Thru M/A
Supercar Fuel Pump
75mm Accufab Throttle Body and Upper Intake
Full Tubular K-member w/Coil Overs
Complete Auto Swap w/full upgrades
BBK Shorty Equal Headers

03 StangGuy

Novi 2000
Livernois 5L Stroker
AFM Power Pipe
Front mount intercooler
Accufab T/B and Plenum
Mac Pro-Chamber and Cat-back


*with out the o/r H pipe

~Procharger P1SC w/ 3.6 pulley
~42 LB Injectors
~SCT Big Air 2600 MAF
~SVT Focus 255 Fuel Pump
~Mac Off Road H Pipe
~Mac Cat Back Exhaust
~PowerProducts 75mm Throttle Body
~Centerforce Dual Friction Stage 2 Clutch
~BBK Adjustable Clutch Cable, Quadrant, Firewall adjuster
~BBK Sub Frame Connectors
~SCT Xcal-3 Tune by Woodbine Motorsports


Stock 4.6L
ProCharger 8.9 psi @ 6000 rpms
ProCharger 3-core intercooler
42# injectors, SVT Focus Fuel Pump
Diablosport MAFia
BBK 75 mm TB/Plenum
BBK LT headers/catted x-pipe
Meizere Electric Water Pump

There are other mods but not related to power.

Black Bullitt

Vortech SQ-Trim - 366RWHP/382RWTQ @ 8.6#s of boost
AFM Power Pipe
Aftercooler and 3.33 pulley (Not Installed Yet)


udp's, C&L MAF & inlet, 75mm t/b, ported GMS upper plenum, GMS coils, header back exhaust, tweaked canned diablo tune, 3.73's

100 shot NOS nitrous kit


Steeda Under Drive Pullies
Mac Long Tubes
Mac Pro Chamber Catless H
SLP Loud Mouth 1
4:10 Motive Gears
Dynotune Nitrous 100 Shot
Dyno tune at Houston Performance

Jazzer The Cat:

* 4.6 N/A motor
* JTL CAI & MAF 245hp/285tq
* steel-reinforced 8 quart Canton race pan
* T-56
* FRPP billet flywheel
* 11" Cobra clutch
* Yellow-Top battery
* 3:55 gears

... it's ALL about the twisties, baby :cool:

The Jazz.... bendin' the rules :)
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