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Stock Clutch Fan Comparison

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Is the electric 3.8 taurus fan better then the stock fan? And at what CFM does the stock fan flow at? My dad says that the stock fan will be better since it's mechanical it will do a better job at keeping the engine cooler he says. I believe that he's completely wrong and that the electric fan will outperform the mechanical one by alot.
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the electric fan will pull 2200 or 4000 cfm depending on which wire u hook it up to.. and u will gain hp your engine will stay plenty cool enough with that fan over the stock clutch fan i am going to use mine on my 347 stroker with a standard flow waterpump.. i do have an aluminum raidaitor but u will be fine with a stock motor.
just as cool if not cooler.. i am saying you should do easy hp
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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