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Stock Clutch Fan Comparison

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Is the electric 3.8 taurus fan better then the stock fan? And at what CFM does the stock fan flow at? My dad says that the stock fan will be better since it's mechanical it will do a better job at keeping the engine cooler he says. I believe that he's completely wrong and that the electric fan will outperform the mechanical one by alot.
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So your saying that the electric fan will keep the engine alot cooler then the clutch fan?
Alright thanks I saw you posted before around $20-30 dollars at the junkjard?
will the stock alternator be able to handle it? Or should I upgrade to a 150 amp before hand? Or what do I do If I want to upgrade to the 200 amp alternator?
I saw a 150 amp one wire one, that's supposed to just bolt right on would that one be good?
Does it at least give you alot more over stock or no? And did you just connect it to one spot or did anything else to it?
lol idk about getting that one then it just doesnt seem right, just connecting it to the battery.. what if something goes wrong..
what were the volts at stock? And could I just cut the two wires that were connected to the alternator?
ohhh alright thanks, because now with my lights on, radio, at idle my voltage drops alot it gets really close to red
alright thanks alot I will get it then did you get the one on ebay?
Alright thanks alot.. I will be getting the same way then Thanks
1 - 11 of 24 Posts
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