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Stock Clutch Fan Comparison

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Is the electric 3.8 taurus fan better then the stock fan? And at what CFM does the stock fan flow at? My dad says that the stock fan will be better since it's mechanical it will do a better job at keeping the engine cooler he says. I believe that he's completely wrong and that the electric fan will outperform the mechanical one by alot.
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imo you should upgrade the stock alternator to a 3g anyway but as far as amps 100 would probly be fine.....having the bigger ones wont hurt tho
thats what i have and it seems doesnt but out the volts i thot it would though
yeah it doesnt pull down that easy.....usually it sits at about 13.8 volts and i was expecting more like 14.4 but oh far as hooking it up you just run that one wire to the positive on the battery and thats it.....the two plugs that are on the original alternator you just leave hanging.....i know it sounds weird but thats all you do to hook it up
what do you mean if something goes wrong......its still charging everything and the gauge still works......those volt numbers i was giving were from my radar detector
i cant remember for sure what they were stock......maybe 13.6 but it didnt take much to pull it down....with the headlights and heater it was gettin down in the mid twelves or is reman. stock tacoma alt sits at 14.3 usually and its only 80 amp is why i expected the volts to read higher
yeah thats because its a 2g externally regulated alt and the upgrade is a 3g internally of the best parts about it is the much better voltage at idle
no problem man
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