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Stock Clutch Fan Comparison

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Is the electric 3.8 taurus fan better then the stock fan? And at what CFM does the stock fan flow at? My dad says that the stock fan will be better since it's mechanical it will do a better job at keeping the engine cooler he says. I believe that he's completely wrong and that the electric fan will outperform the mechanical one by alot.
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Well the big advantage of the electric is it is only on when you need it. Like when you are driving on the freeway, you don't need a fan, so it is off.
Well, it will be a strain for sure. The stock alt puts out like 75 amps on a good day. A good fan will draw about 15 amps, leaving 60 amps for everything else. At idle, it might only leave 40 amps for everything else...
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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