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I'm, Ron Burgundy?
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Location: Scottsboro, AL
Name: Corey Gerbig
Upper intake with aluminum crossover-$75 shipped
19# injectors-$50 shipped
Heads from a 97 e-250. Not sure if they're PI or not but the van makes 255 HP with yhese heads-$150 shipped
2001 v6 gauge cluster. Needs new plastic cover. 14x,xxx miles-$30 shipped
2001 v6 PCM-$70 shipped
5.4 intake from same van-$60 shipped
Stock TB/plenum-$60 shipped.
V6 vacuum brake booster-$60 shipped
Return style fuel rails from the van-$40 shipped

Interested in trades for a radiator/fan, coolant overflow, brake/clutch assembly, clutch cable, sniper tuning system.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts