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Stolen 72 Mustang

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STOLEN from Benton Arkansas: 1972 Fastback Mustang, VIN #: 2F02H187199
Last tags on car: PDP 679. Car is faded red in color with two black stripes on ram air hood. All 4 wheel wells had been cut out for 10” wide Cragar SS wheels (the fenders were cut by an air chisel as a temporary modification until fender flares could be installed. The stock 9” rear end had been removed to be strengthened and converted to disc breaks. The car has a white interior, but the seats and headliner fabric has been removed in preparation for a roll cage. The interior has factory Mach 1 gage pod with mechanical gages and a custom tac installed in dash which was made to look factory. The car has some rust and a small dent on driver’s rear quarter where the bumper was pushed in 1”. The Mustang has a good running Cadillac 500 engine and TH400 engine. The front spindles had been upgraded to Cadillac commercial chassis with 12” rotors and 5 on 5” bolt pattern. The Mustang has no exhaust system, the standard fastback grille, and has the Mach 1 honey comb pattern rear trim. It does not have Mach 1 stripes. It does have the Mach 1 rubber bumper, but also has chrome trim on the front of the hood and front finders. There is no front spoiler. The rear deck lid and quarter panel area has a 70s Camaro tail fin molded into the bodywork. The gas tank had been removed for replacement.

This Hot Rod (under construction) is no junk car, and has very little rust. I have been its owner for 20 years. I was told on Thursday 3-20-08 that the car was still in storage at the same location it has been in for the past 10 years and that it was still in the condition that I left it. When I arrived at the location in Benton, Arkansas on Saturday 3-22-08 the car was gone. From the look of the ground that used to be covered by the car, it has been gone at least a year. The Benton city police will NOT list the car as stolen because of the length of time it has been at the man’s house.

Even IF a salvage company or recycler hauled of this car (as was claimed), it would not have been crushed…. It is somewhere waiting to be restored or turned into a race car…. Please email me with any information about this car to: [email protected]

Any information would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you,
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Welcome to the forums.

Sorry this has happened.

I'll bump it to the top of the forums so more people can see it.

Do you have any pictures of her?
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btw get some pics of of the car man we cant tell just by description
satellite photo of me working on the Mustang

I know this is not much, but its all I can find right now. Look at the lower middle and find the big shop at the intersection of the road and driveway. My Red Mustang is the second car to the right of the shop. The front is covered by trees. My white 93 Olds Ciera Station Wagon is parked by it with the tail gate up. There is an old blue blanket on the ground at the front corner of the car and I am working on it..... What are the odds of finding a picture from orbit? Cool....
have you ever posted a different pic on line of her ?
or joined a mustang forum and posted pics?
give me a screen name if you did and I will fine good pics of her for you.
anyone that would swipe a mans mustang should fall in an outhouse hole up to there neck and never get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bump to try to help out
I'm looking for pictures. I also just joined photobucket and tried to upload some pics. Thanks for the link, but I have an error I'm trying to fix.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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