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Strange whistle in the front

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I have this strange whistling noise that comes on now'n then. Its been about 4-5 days after the exhaust installation, which they put in new AC, and piping. The whistling happens after the car has warmed up and seems to come from either the Fan or pulley area. I checked the pulley and belt and it looks all ok. Im thinking its the fan making the funny noise. It stops after I come to a stop.

I checked around online and the threads I got was the trans but its not the trans cause its not comin from the trans even when the clutch is engaged or not engaged.

Anyone know? its quite annoying.
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Did somebody put a supercharger on your car while you weren't looking?
Does the whistle sound increase with your rpm? Or does it stay constant?
Does the whistle sound increase with your rpm? Or does it stay constant?

It stays constant after warming up but cuts off now'n then. Like when I go faster or stay at a idle speed it occurs but when I come to a stop it stops.

When I got home and parked my car I let it idle and the noise was there but not as loud.

any idea?
I thought it was the water pump or something. cause it was comin from the fan when I looked.
It could be a vacuum leak somewhere.
ok Im about to do a oil change Im gonna be looking around see what I can find.
maybe the idler pulley?

if it was a vacuum leak big enough to cause a whistle, i would think the car would run like ****
Check all the vacuum lines, Check all the areas around the headers, exhuast system etc.
ok I narrow it down to either the fan or Idler pulley(I don tknow it could be that pulley but I may just have everything replaced on the pulley system bearings and belt.. The noise only occured when the car was warmed up and when I sat idle. When I drove the noise went away.

I asked my parents and my dad use to be a mechanic worked on his on cars and such, and he didnt notice the noise when I was in park in the garage but, he said just let the shop take a full look its only 80 bucks so I just may let them take a full look as well.
should I upgrade my pulley kit as well if I do have to replace something with the pulley?
i'm not saying it is the pulley... just a possibility

without hearing it, I really have no clue
thanks for helpin though, I may just have the shop take a look rather get it fixed than it breaking and causing more damage.
that sounds like your best option!!!
well found out what it was. Didnt have to take it to the shop. When i turned my car off you can hear the electric fan whistle to a stop. I poped the hood and pushed the fan and it kinda made that grinding noise like the bearing is going bad. Well looks like Im buying a new fan for the stang. Wheres a good place to get one other than from the dealer or a auto store? I want a good one but dont want to pay out the ass you know?
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