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Struts/Shock absorbers

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I have a 96 mustang. Which does my car have? Struts? Or shock absorbers? Whats the difference?
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no not if you got a good coil over kit, that will run you about a grand or maby more.
True... quality coilovers aren't cheap, and I don't advise just throwing together a crappy coilover setup. You're just asking for trouble.

also coil overs give a much stifer ride not somthing you will want if it is just your dd
Not necessarily. You could easily match the stock spring rate with a really soft spring and the ride would likely be BETTER than stock. In fact, my coilovers have nearly triple the stock wheel rate and the ride is very liveable compared to stock. This is possible because coilovers correct the poor stock spring geometry and significantly lower the total weight of the spring/damper setup.
do you have to get new shocks or struts? like what i want to do is get H&R super sports. on my 2000 GT and i dont know anything about suspension so educate me! :D

H&R Super Sport Springs (94-04 Mustangs)Front: 700-760 (progressive)Rear: 275-300 (progressive, solid axle)

Mustang GT/V6 Vert. 1994-2004400 (linear)185 (linear, solid axle)

There's a comparison of the spring rates (in pounds/inch).

Springs like the Eibach pro-kit don't raise the spring rates much, so the stock dampers (shocks/struts) can do an OK job of damping the spring oscillations, but when you bump up the spring rate by as much as 90%, the stock shocks and struts just aren't going to be able to effectively damp the springs.
kool, i'm on sort of a budget. and i want the super sports, what would be the best bang for the buck shocks/struts for the super sports?
Depends on your budget and your goals...

I'd recommend going to and talking to someone on their "Live Help" feature. They sell a bunch of different setups and should be able to point you in the right direction.
kool, i looked on there and i see a tokico package i like. and could i fit 18x10 deep dish fr500's on the front if i got these? or would it look weird with that wide of wheel in the front.

Ford Racing Front Control Arms - For 94-04 Mustangs -

Yeah, Tokico has some good setups that would work with the H&R SS's. I'd check with someone to be sure if the one you're looking at can provide enough damping, though. The Tokico "Blues" may not be enough, but I'm not sure.

Generally, people don't go any bigger than 9" on the front. That's what the '03 Cobras had, and that's where those control arms came from. I'm not saying it's "not possible," but usually people go with a 9" or less on the front and the deep dish 9.5"/10"/10.5" on the back.
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