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Struts/Shock absorbers

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I have a 96 mustang. Which does my car have? Struts? Or shock absorbers? Whats the difference?
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should be shocks and struts i THINK..
you looking to lower it or just replace old parts?
shoks in back struts in front
thats what i was thinking
i thought tokico's were blue for some reason :crazy
but yeah wait for those, regular shocks will gie you a horrible ride quality and wont last very long lowered
but see it says they fit on the site however in the picture it looks like it doesnt have the correct sleeve for the bolt on at the bottom where it bolts up to the steering knuckle
it's more than likely a stock picture, since tokico makes those for many different cars
also it shows springs at the top end of the shock/strut. is that correct for a mustang or is that just like a display for an import? because the stock shock/strut doesnt have a spring on the top. the only spring is the coil spring correct?
they should, thats why you can get springs to lower your car is because they sit one top
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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