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Struts/Shock absorbers

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I have a 96 mustang. Which does my car have? Struts? Or shock absorbers? Whats the difference?
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well i eventually wanna lower it within like the next 6-8 months but however i can like push down on the front end of my car and make it bounce a whole lot so i dont know if they are on their way out or if they just are really spongy possibly? anyway im loong at the KYB stuff on this page Car Part Wholesale - Auto Parts and Accessories Catalog - 1996 Ford Mustang Strut Assembly and was just wondering if this would do the trick or not and if they are any good? also should i just try and hold off until i lower it or what?
there is a set of blue tokicos they are the second item down i think
but see it says they fit on the site however in the picture it looks like it doesnt have the correct sleeve for the bolt on at the bottom where it bolts up to the steering knuckle
also it shows springs at the top end of the shock/strut. is that correct for a mustang or is that just like a display for an import? because the stock shock/strut doesnt have a spring on the top. the only spring is the coil spring correct?
yeah theres no springs on the top or over the shock/struts?
it would actually be cheaper if i wanted to lower it to get the coil overs rather than getting the strut/shocks from american muscle then springs also.
1 - 8 of 25 Posts
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