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We're looking for the best shot out there for our showcase position on the storefront page of the Mustang Store at PFYC. That's right, the prime spot with huge visibility as seen here.

2005-09 Ford Mustang Accessories | Ford Mustang Parts -

We're changing the size format so the new showcase photo will be wider and shorter. Here are some requirements to keep in mind...

1. For these new shots, we prefer movement, action vs. stationary. That doesn't mean a better stationary shot will lose out to a not-so-good action shot but we prefer to get a good action shot, similar to this...

Action shots are tougher to get right so if we don't get the right action shot, we'll use the best of the stationary shots.

2. Professional quality, high resolution required. As shown above, the format is wider and shorter but don't worry about cropping, we'll take care of that.

3. You're not going to get rich if picked but we'll send you something, perhaps a nice discount code or gift certificate or maybe some PFYC work gloves. But the real reward is the bragging rights to the showcase spot, there for the world to see. :)

4. Email submissions with your first and last name and model year to mike -AT- pfyc -DOT - com

5. The deadline is end of day Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good luck to all.


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It's in the details Mod!
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Looking at the link you provided makes me wonder if this is for 05 and above only.
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