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I have a 2006 Ford Mustang GT with the standard Shaker 500 audio system. I am currently looking at buying new subwoofers to put into the trunk of my car to add to my sound system. I am looking at either buying the Alpine SWR-10D2 or the Alpine SWR-10D4. They are the same subwoofer but one has 2 ohms and the other has 4 ohms. Is it better to have 2 or 4 ohms???
Also, those subwoofers are advertised to put out around 2,000 watts of peak power. Does that mean I have to get an amplifier that can also put out 2,000 watts of peak power??? Though i'm also worried about blowing the subwoofers once I install them because the Shaker 500 system only puts out 500 watts of peak power while the subwoofers put out around 2,000 watts of peak power. Will they blow if the head unit (Shaker 500) doesn’t put out as much power as the subwoofers or do I have to upgrade the head unit???
Also, do you have any suggestions for what type of amplifier I should get.
Also, I'm planning on buying two subwoofer.
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