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summit mufflers

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im thinking about getting 2 summit mufflers from summit racing. anyone heard these or have any sound clips so i can get a comparison and just hear them in general? the website says they sound like flowmaster 40 series, can anyone confirm that? they are $60 shipped so u cant beat the price...
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a friend of mine had their 3on system on his 69 camaro. its sounded pretty good. its just a turbo muffler design. something like thrush, dynomax, etc.
i heard that the turbo style muffler is really quiet, anyone know? this is what i was looking at getting but if its quiet then i dont want it lol:
Summit SUM-630225 - Summit Performance® Turbo Mufflers - Overview -

will these be louder on a stock exhaust:
Summit SUM-638252 - Summit® Race Mufflers - Overview -
i have the summit catback and its raspy as hell. sounds like complete **** if you ask me. i miss my LM1 setup. i will eventually go back to the lm1's but money is tight and im in school. dont get the summit mufflers. get magnaflow or flows.
u also have an o/r x-pipe. i have the stock midpipe which is an h-pipe style with cats. that should make a difference correct?
yes x pipes are raspy'er than the h pipes.. h's give u that old school muscle sound
spend ur money on some macs,dont get the summits
im just lookin for a quick fix because im tired of the stock setup. eventually im gettin a full system and i think im goin with mac full exhaust :), just not yet.
I wouldnt spend on the summits either. With the little help I did get from youtube, The sounds I heard of them were disappointing.

Are the 60 each or 60 together. you could get flowmaster 40's for 70 each and they sound nice with the stock h pipe.
the chambered style mufflers are $29 each so im gonna go with those and they will be $68 shipped for both. i can post a vid so everyone can hear how they sound when i get them put on since i think there are more that are curious how they sound.
if your just tired of stock then just do a muffler delete for a little while.

i wanted some rumble too and just did a muffler delete for a while. didn't sound too bad. have mac now and love it
stupid question: do u just cut the mufflers out and weld in tubing to match up or what?
All the summit branded stuff is rebranded other things. I got a set of "summit" brand headers and they were pacesetters. If you've got the catalog, you can usually see what you're actually getting - just look at the part, and find the one that looks *really* similar that's 10-20% more than the summit one. That's what you're actually buying.

this guy has a used MAC CATBACK SYSTEM 2 1/2" $175 he is in your area i would go check it out and see how it looks its worth a try since you want all mac bro just another option instead of getting the summits for 68 you would just need slightly $100 more im sure he will take less than 175
+1 on mac like 110 bucks for both from macperformance and i love them.
already bought the mufflers earlier. i went with the chambered style. if anyone is interested i will post a vid.
Post a vid when you get it.
will do. probably be lat next week. i wont get them until nexy tuesday or wednesday probably then gotta get them put on...
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