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I have a 04 mustang with a 05 f150 rebuilt 4.3 with heads cam and windstar. And well it chipped 4 rings in the cam sensor and the oil pump stopped working so yeah I’m out an engine. Now I know the super coupe is a single port engine but my number one fact of why I’m even considering this is o have the opportunity to buy a complete engine out of a 1990 super coupe with only 39k on the odometer. And I mean complete engine. Now after reading several old posts the engine will fit right in the bay and bolt up and everything . I’ve heard several people say leave the super coupe computer alone and just work with the mustang computer and have SCT worry about it and fabricate lines.... my question is would a factory t-45 and factory ford 7.5” rear even keep together and not blow into shrapnel on me??? The super coupe already puts out what?? 315??325? Ftlbs of torque ??
And even if I just put a proper blower cam in it .... is it worth it over a H/c/I split sport 4.3L???
Because ten to one if I even do the swap it’ll be left alone because I won’t have the money to spend on a new tranny or junkyard 8.8

h/c/I 4.3
Nearly stock swapped super coupe engine ??
What ones faster, and what about the tranny and rear issue
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