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Couple of questions...tryin to get my car fired up this weekend. hope you guys can help me out.

I am running a super vic with a power I drill a hole in the elbow and tap it to hook up my vacuum lines?

also if anyone wants to post pics of their braided fuel lines setups it would be greatly appreciated, I want to keep mine looking as clean as possible and I'm just looking for some inspiration on how to accomplish that.

What should I set the fuel pressure at when I go to first start my motor. The Chilton book I have doesn't specify b/c the stock fpr wasn't adjustable.

Thanks guys...and I am sure I will have more questions soon...The car has been fighting me the whole way on re-assembly, hopefully things go a little smoother when I go to fire her up.

If anyone has any other tips that might make my life easier when it comes time to start this thing up send them my way. Thanks again.
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