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1996 gt 114,000 miles give or take a few

i have the mod list and some picture in my garage feel free to look,there is around 50k invested in this car parts and labor and all and its almost done but not done yet,everything is new and the motor has never been started,so look up the prices on the mods list form your own opinion and make a offer,also interested in trades for other stangs you got a slightly modded stang and want something radical but cant afford to drop 50k in one well here it is close to finished,just needs the finishing touchs,give me pics of your running stang or whatever ya got that you might want to do some trading with and lets talk about it,and yes i understand im not gonna get 50k for the car dont be afraid to make offers,10,000$ obo or trade located in pryor, oklahoma

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you know you can just copy and paste the info from your garage here? You don't have to rewrite all of it.

Also, the add has to have a price, it's a rule.

BTW that thing sounds totally bad ass!!!

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pictures are in my garage,with a full mod sheet


90% complete rebuild of a 1996 Mustang Gt.


I. Rotating Assembly : Professionally built by Livernois Motorsports, all fasteners torqued to specs and marked. Engine has never been started.
1. 2003 seasoned cobra block, bored 20 thousand’s over.
2. Snyder stroker forged crank.
3. Manley forged Rods.
4. Mahle phosphate coated pistons.
5. Stainless steel valves.
6. Livernois custom grind stage III blower cam.
7. Ford PI heads with Livernois stage III port and upgraded springs.
8. ARP fasteners.

II. Induction :
1. Fox Lake P 51 intake.
2. Accufab 75mm throttle body, (polished).
3. Paxton Novi 1000RR centrifugal supercharger (polished).
4. Reichard Racing 2 ½ “ supercharger pulley (chrome plated).
5. Supercharger brackets (powder coated white).
6. Inlet Tube, custom fabricated 4” aluminum (powder coated white).
7. Discharge tube, 3 ½” (powder coated white) modified to accept SCT BA 3000 mass air meter sampling tube (modified for blow through metering)

III. Fuel Delivery:
1. Stock Ford tank modified to accept braided feed and return fuel lines.
2. Gas tank strap (chrome plated), tank painted black.
3. Braided fuel lines feed and return with Aeroquip fittings.
4. Billet Aluminum in line fuel filters with replaceable screens).
5. Ford in tank 255 lph fuel pump
6. Kenne Bell boost a pump with controls mounted in console.
7. Pro M adjustable billet fuel pressure regulator.
8. Fuel pressure gauge mounted on regulator and gauge in A pillar.
9. Pro M fuel rails.
10. 62 pound injectors
11. Snow water methanol injection with Canton custom fabricated chrome plated
Coolant reservoir.
12. 4 gallons of Snow coolant mix.

IV. Cooling and Lubrication:
1. Fluidyne aluminum radiator.
2. Water inlet neck (chrome plated).
3. Radiator hose, flex steel and chromed.
4. Canton, radiator overflow reservoir (chrome plated).
5. Moroso 7qt. oil pan.
6. New Ford high output oil pump.
7. Oil dip stick tube (chrome plated).
8. New water pump (pulley is chrome plated).

V. Ignition:
1. MSD coil packs (mounted in custom location).
2. TRW spark plugs, one (1) setting colder.
3. Taylor 10.5mm plug wires (custom routing).

VI. Exhaust:
1. Pro M 1 5/8” headers, ceramic copper coated inside and out, 2 ½” pro chamber. Coating by Jet Hot.

VII. Engine Accessories
1. Power steering pump, new, (brackets powder coated white)(pump pulley chrome plated).
2. Canton power steering fluid reservoir (chrome plated).
3. New alternator (case powder coated white) (pulley chrome plated).
4. Pro M harmonic balancer.

VIII. Other:
1. Valve covers, original phenolic plastic (chrome plated).
2. Front engine cover (powder coated silver).
3. All wiring in custom braided loom.
4. Vacuum hose, all silicone, red or blue.
5. Radiator cover, real carbon fiber.
6. Upper fire wall trim piece, custom carbon fiber.
7. Windshield cowling, custom carbon fiber.
8. Hood hinges (chrome plated).
9. Breaks master cylinder (chrome plated).
10. New Optima red top battery.

1. Need mass air meter, system is set up for an SCT BA 3000 meter and sampling tube.
2. Programmer, SCT.
3. Engine needs break in oil and needs to be hand primed before starting.
4. All engine and cooling fluids need to be added.
5. Water methanol system needs to have wiring completed and tested. Pump and controller are already installed as is most of the wiring.


I. Ford 4R70W, complete rebuild with Baumann Engineering upgrades
Precision Industries 3200rpm stall converter.
II. Drive train:
1. Custom fabricated aluminum driveshaft.
2. T.A. differential cover.
3. Stock 28 spline axels.
4. Ford, 3:73 gears.
5. Transmission cooler (heat exchanger damaged, needs replacing).
6. UPR transmission shift lever (powder coated white).
7. Transmission dip stick tube (chrome plated).

1. Transmission cooler heat exchanger, damaged, needs replacing.
2. Check rear end and transmission for fluid. (I think they have fluid, not sure)


I. Upholstery:
1. Seats, custom vinyl with white look carbon fiber inserts and embroidered mustang beneath head rest.
2. New Ford Racing floor mats.
3. New upgraded interior carpeting.
4. Rear seat deleted (in anticipation of stereo installation).

II. Interior Gauges:
1. White face gauge overlay to match reverse el glow gauges.
2. Twelve aftermarket gauges, nine are reverse el glow, three are Dakota digital amplifier temperature gauges, heat sensors are already run to the rear of car for attachment to the amplifiers.
3. Triple A pillar pod.
4. Triple center pod by Florida 5.0.
5. Custom fabricated center gauge cluster with hidden l.e.d. lighting.
6. Remote radar detector with front and back laser protection.

1. Attach windows and window controls. Currently windows are down.
2. Install outside mirrors and controls.
3. Attach tweeter speaker in factory location and attach grill (powder coated white).
4. Attach Q panels with 6 ½” midrange speakers each side.


I. Rear Suspension:
1. TA differential cover.
2. Maximum Motorsports pan hard bar. Brackets (powder coated yellow), bar (chrome plated).
3. Steeda progressive rate rear springs.
4. Rear sway bar with new polyurethane bushings (powder coated yellow).
5. Maximum Motorsports full length sub frame connectors (powder coated yellow).
6. Maximum Motorsports torque arm (powder coated yellow).
7. Maximum Motorsports lower control arms (powder coated yellow). Note: upper control arms are deleted with the torque arm to prevent binding and allow for full rear suspension travel.
II. Front Suspension:
1. UPR tubular K member (powder coated yellow).
2. UPR tubular A arms (powder coated yellow).
3. UPR Coil over conversion (springs powder coated yellow).
4. Steeda x ball links.
5. Steeda billet aluminum front sway bar bracket with new polyurethane bushings.
6. Front sway bar (powder coated yellow).
7. Steeda adjustable bump steer.
8. Maximum Motorsports steering shaft.
9. New polyurethane end links.
10. Maximum Motorsports aluminum steering shaft bushing, not offset.
11. Shocks and struts, Illumina 5 way adjustable.

III. Front Brakes:
1. Ford cobra two piston PBR with EBC yellow stuff pads (new).
2. Baer 13” slotted and cross drilled rotor (hat painted red).
3. New braided lines.

IV. Rear Brakes:
1. Ford single piston (caliper painted red) with EBC yellow stuff pads (new).
2. Baer 13” rear rotor (hat painted red).

1. None that I know of. The brakes have been bled but they probably will need to have this done again.


1. Cervini Stalker body kit.
2. Front and rear bumpers have been painted.
3. Saleen rear spoiler.
4. Hood, cobra 2000R functional cowl, painted.
5. Roof scoop, damaged, replace is brand new.
6. Headlights, one piece dual projector with angel eyes and led’s.
7. Driving lights, 4” with angel eyes.
8. New interior fender liners, painted black.
9. Engine bay has been smoothed and painted.
10. Shaved door handles.

KNOWN BODY DESCREPENCIES: (here comes the most work)
1. Front fenders need to be painted and installed along with fender liners.
2. Front bumper needs to be installed.
3. Antenna and mast need to be installed.
4. Windshield wiper arms and blades need to be purchased and installed.
5. Lower door insert pieces and lower moldings need to be painted and installed.
6. Outside mirrors need to be painted and installed.
7. Outside window moldings need to be installed.
8. Lower body scoops need to be painted and installed.
9. Rear bumper needs to be installed.
10. Trunk lid needs to be painted and installed.
11. Roof scoop needs to be removed and roof sanded and new scoop
12. Paint rest of car.
13. NOTE: There was door release switch that was wired into the trunk for emergencies. Simple push button similar to the trunk release in the glove box.
. You can access the trunk with the key. I also have a spare trunk access key.
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