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supercharged with cats

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I have a 1989 gt with a powerdyne supercharger 5psi, the only other things done to the car is exhaust (flowmasters) with no cats and a small cam, not sure what kind. The smog pump is still on. If i put cats back on the car will it pass smog? if so what kind of cats do you recommend and roughly how much are they. The last set of cats got red hot im guessing they were restricting flow. Any information wold be helpful. thanks.
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I got a 2.5 stainless Magnaflow H pipe with cats (93338) from last year for some where in the mid $300's shipped. If your previous cats were running too hot and glowing, your A/F ratio is not right and I doubt you would pass a sniff test even with the cats. Fix that first.
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